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Douglas, AZ 85607 US
Ardor Health Solutions
Rosemarie Weisbrot
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OT - Occupational Therapist in Douglas, AZ

  • Location: Douglas, AZ
  • Setting: SNF UNIT
  • Employment Type: Traveler

This is a beautiful building with great programs and staff. Douglas was recently voted one of safest cites in AZ to live.<?xml:namespace prefix = "o" ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

Must be credentialed with AZ fingerpOccupational Therapist - Douglas, AZ
This is a beautiful building with great programs and staff. Douglas was recently voted one of safest cites in AZ to live.
Must be credentialed with AZ fingerprint card BLM CPR card and current AZ license.              

ASAP StartDate
32 GuaranteedHours
13 Weeks
59 BillRate
90% Productivity

*Handles Indiana and Florida*

These items must be in all confirmations for placements from outside companies.  No exceptions without specific approvals (meaning above the RVP level please or higher).  One of the two Recruiting Managers will always review the confirmation before our VP signs.
1. 2 Week or 14-day (meaning 10 business day) cancellation allowed with written notice by Reliant or the Contract Therapy Company (30-day notice if the traveler is in the Visa/Green Card Process);
2. 32-hour ‘or less’ guarantee per week (we never guarantee 40 hours per week);
3. 90% plus productivity is required as a minimum to guarantee hour;
4. If any amount of hours of are required, the productivity level is required to guarantee whatever those hours are.
5. Flat Pay rate (inclusive of holidays and overtime); ensure there is no other language that says other than that on the confirmation. 
6. No buy-out fee at the end of the contract to Reliant and no fees to the contractor if they choose to hire on with Reliant directly.
7. Billing Terms – “Net 30-60 days”; All Billing is via our invoice system sent by email to [email protected]
8. Contract employee ‘must’ log all hours in Reliant’s Clinical Documentation System.

• County Criminal (7 years or more Counties lived and worked in)
• Federal Criminal (7 years or more)
• Multi-State Criminal Search (7 years or more)
• Nationwide Sex Offender Search (7 years or more)
• Social Security # Trace
• SAM Search
• References (3 professional completed)
• TB – current “read” TB (no older than 1 year or if Chest X-Ray no older than 5 years – must be current through the end of the assignment to be accepted).
• Online License Verification
• Fully Signed Confirmation signed by Reliant VP and Travel Company;rint card BLM CPR card and current AZ license.

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