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Part time / Per Diem Occupational Therapist for Ho

We are looking for a part-time or per diem Occupational Therapist (OTR) for an Occupational Therapy in homecare in the Milford and two adjacent towns. Must be willing to do a consistent amount of visits per week anywhere between 10-20 visits per week. The pay rate is $55-$65 per visit depending on level of experience. Each visit takes a half hour of direct care time, and then with paperwork and travel you can get each visit done in less than an hour. Therefore, you would essentially be making $55-$65 per hour. The Occupational Therapist does NOT need experience in the home health care setting- we are willing to train an occupational therapist as long as the Occupational Therapist has at least one year practicing in any setting. The coverage area for the Occupational Therapist will be relatively small. It is also a very flexible job- the Occupational Therapist makes their own hours. If the OT has an appointment or need a half day, you just schedule your patients around it. Must be willing and able to do at least some day time hours during the week. Requirements of the Occupational therapy home health position: -Must have a Bachelors, Masters or Doctorate degree IN Occupational Therapy and a license to practice OT in the state. -Must also either be a US Citizen or have your green card -- no exceptions. -The Occupational Therapist do NOT need home health experience, however you must have had your license for at least one year to practice in the homecare setting. -This is not a position that you can just do AFTER another full-time position- to be considered for part-time or per diem you will need to be able to dedicate at least some daytime hours. ***We would like all interested Occupational Therapy applicants to make themselves available for a phone interview within 48 hours of their application, so please be watching your email and phone messages. Other Keywords: Visiting Nurse Association, Visiting Nurse Services, VNS, VNA, Home Health, Homecare, Occupational Therapist, Occupational Therapy, OT, OTR, OTR/L.

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