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Outpatient Occupational Therapist Adult Daycare

Seeking to fill a Occupational Therapy (OTR) need full-time or part-time at a Therapist Owned Center- VERY flexible schedule offered. This Occupational Therapist (OTR) need is in a medical adult day care, so it is a unique setting that most therapists don't have the opportunity to work in. The attendees are patients that had a hospital stay and are well enough to go home, but still have some medical and rehab needs, so they go to this adult daycare to get therapy, nursing, and recreation needs filled. Medical adult day care is a mixed population of 70% geriatric (including dementia), 25% developmentally disabled (mentally retarded), and 5% are traumatic brain injuries/other. The facility picks the patients up and brings them home at the end of the day. Each facility has its own rehab room, friendly cooperative environment, and good interdisciplinary communication. There is only one therapist of each discipline at each location, therefore we cannot considernew gradsall Occupational Therapy applicants must have at least one year of licensed experience as well as be responsible and feel competent. For full-time, the day is broken up into 6 hours treatment time and two hours of paperwork, however if you finish early you are allowed to leave early. Also for full-time, therapists are asked to treat an average of 9 patients per day. For part-time we are flexible on how you do your schedule as long as your hours during the daytime on weekdays. For part-time the number of patients you see would be proportionate to the number of hours you work. Treatments are a minimum of 38 minutes. Patients can be seen together but we ask that a therapist not see more than 2 patients per hour. The owners are both PTs themselves and are NOT interested in running a factory. They aim to be reasonable on productivity and take good care of the patients. They are looking for therapists who can practice independently and handle their own schedule. It is very flexible practice and productivity is calculated on a weekly basis rather than daily- the weekly productivity is 45 treatments a week for full-time, which ends up being about 9 per day. So if you have a patient that requires a one-on-one treatment you can make up your productivity during the week and don't have to stress about it. If you get your productivity accomplished in less than 40 hours (without seeing more than 2 patients per hour), then you can work less than 40 hours and still get paid for 40 hours.So for example, if do most of your 45 treatments in first four days, and you want to take half day on last day-that is perfectly allowable. No onedictates your schedule and in fact we are looking for people who can manage themselves. Also, if your productivity is over the productivity for 40 hours- they willingly pay overtime. It is a very flexible model and the owners dont penny pinch, however they need therapists that are really going to stick to the 45 patient productivity in order to be sustainable. Because there is so much freedom, they also require therapists who will be Independent and responsible. For part-time OT applicants, the productivity and paperwork time would be proportionate to the number of hours you desire to work. *Pay and Benefits for the Occupational Therapist position:* Looking to pay an average of 78,000 to 85,000 per year (for full-time hours) depending on Occupational Therapy (OT) experience. The pay scale rarely could go up to 87,000, but only if therapist that has all three: exceptional clinical skills, as well as knowledge in outpatient guidelines and regulations, as well as exceptional ability with admin and documentation including being timely, organized, and very thorough with documentation. Occupational Therapists are required to have at least one year of experience with adults in any setting to qualify for this position. The health insurance is Blue Cross/Blue Shield(BC/BS), Paid Time Off (PTO) is 16 days off per year. Weekends are NOT required. They offer dental, vision, 401K with 3% match, direct deposit, short term and long term disability and $500 continuing education. Benefits start at 30 hours. An additional benefit of working in this setting is that there is very little or no lifting involved, as these patients are well enough to be living at home. *Requirements of the Occupational Therapist position:* The Occupational Therapist must have one year of licensed experience as an Occupational Therapist. The Occupational Therapist must have a Bachelors, Masters, or Doctorate degree IN Occupational Therapy. The Occupational Therapist must have a license to practice OT in the state. The Occupational Therapist must also either be a US Citizen or have your green card -- no exceptions. ***We would like all interested Occupational Therapy applicants to make themselves available for a phone interview within 48 hours of their application, so please be watching your email and phone messages.* Other Key Words: Outpatient, Medical Adult Day Center, Clinic, Occupational Therapist, Occupational Therapy, OT,OTR,OTR/L.

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