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JobsOT.com is a job search engine strictly for the occupational therapy community. We offer employers 2 ways to find a occupational therapist.

Below is an explanation of our services and our rate structure.

Occupational Therapy Job Postings | Rates & Pricing

Job postings can be active for 30, 60, or 90 days from the time they are posted.

  • Edit job post at any time
  • Include company logo
  • Large amount of space for job description
  • Add web-links and company website
  • After job post credit is purchased, you have up to a year to post the job.

Job Post Rates:
30 day job post $99.00 each
60 day job post $140.00 each
90 day job post $175.00 each

Occupational Therapy Candidate Search

We have 339 Job Seekers waiting for you!

Full access to our ever-growing database of occupational therapists looking for employment.

  • Contact as many job seekers as you wish
  • Download job seeker resumes (if applicable)
  • Manage the job seekers you are interested in by saving them to your account page

Occupational Therapy Post Packages

Our packages offer money saving options to utilize both job post and candidate search options.

Package Rates:
30 day job post + 30 day candidate search - $228.00
60 day job post + 60 day candidate search - $299.00
90 day job post + 90 day candidate search - $348.00

5 - 30 day job posts + 30 day candidate search - $429.00
10 - 30 day job posts + 30 day candidate search - $729.00
15 - 30 day job posts + 30 day candidate search - $1029.00

JobsOT.com Search Engine Annual Memberships

If you are posting more than 20 jobs in a year's time, we recommend purchasing one of our cost effective long term packages. These packages include bulk posting and unlimited candidate searching, allowing for a cost effective turnkey solution.

For details or to get started contact a live customer service representative today 1-866-785-6271,
Or send us an email Info@JobsOT.com

To order online, we accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

If you have any billing questions, please call 1-866-785-6271

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