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Giving School Paraprofessionals a Taste of Students’ Sensory Dysfunction

October 2nd, 2019
By: Content Staff

Although school paraprofessionals typically get training in behavioral strategies to treat autistic students, most do not receive training in understanding sensory dysfunction. So, occupational therapist Gail Stocks of The Phoenix Cen...

Overcoming Interview Anxiety

August 7th, 2019
By: Heather McMillen

The demand for occupational therapists are on the rise but depending on where you are searching and due to that city's job market, it can be harder than expected. Great interview skills might just make the difference between you and o...

Assessing and Improving Stroke Patients' Use of Everyday Tech Devices

July 17th, 2019
By: Content Staff

Occupational therapists who periodically assess stroke patients’ use of tech gadgets such as smartphones will be better able to help those patients use technology to function in their everyday lives, according to a new research paper ...

Job Search Competition: How To Rise Above the Rest

July 3rd, 2019
By: Heather McMillen

A great resume and cover letter paired with experience aren’t always enough to get you an interview or an offer. Many applicants are facing heavy competition for desired roles and need to set themselves apart from the mix.


Making Recess More Inclusive For Students With Autism

June 19th, 2019
By: Content Staff

Most of us remember looking forward to recess each day in grade school, but for autistic children, recess can be another challenging, frustrating experience. While most kids enjoy the shouting and laughing that accompany kickball, dod...

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